Dr Indrajit Ray

Indi believes that the path to enterprise excellence can be found through aligning purpose, process, and people. He has spent 17 years driving transformation programs to uplift business performance, discover better ways of working, and embed Customer-centric behaviours.


Indi is a passionate and fearless advocate for the development of people and the ongoing evolution of organisations. He helps others to see the intrinsic link between the two – enabling them to develop human-centred approaches to transformation and foster a culture of continuous improvement. A certified practitioner in Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence, Organisational Change Management and Scaled Agile, Indi has delivered outcomes across a variety of domains, such as Telecommunications, Mining, Not-For-Profit, Retail, Airlines, Utilities, and Health – employing a blend of structured problem-solving, adaptive experimentation and systems thinking. He works at all levels of the organisation, equally comfortable engaging front-line teams to identify improvement opportunities, enabling managers to enhance team performance and coaching senior executives to develop and empower their people. "When it comes to Transformation, go hard on process, easy on people. In my experience, no one goes to work to do a bad job.

Indi’s Key Areas

Business Improvement

Organisational Transformation

Operational Excellence

Enterprise Agility

Strategic Planning

  Servant Leadership

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